Design and Emotion 2012: we were there!


The first paper about Objects in Purgatory made it through a double-blind peer review for the 8th Design and Emotion conference. I presented it at 'Out of Control' at Central St Martin's, London on 12th September. The presentation was well attended and received and I had some interesting and insightful questions from the audience, about the potential of the project as a method for generating data and disseminating ideas, and about the implications of the findings for our understanding of how value is created in a product.

It was a great conference with an effective and dynamic mix of experienced and emerging researchers from academia and industry. The conference website is here in Purgatory is mentioned on the conference blog here.

The conference theme, 'Out of Control' reflects an acceptance that designers facilitate (rather than control) the practices of people's everyday lives. The presentations represented a really good range of creative and scientific methods for getting to know the user.

Some of the presentations that I found inspirational included Wouter Eggink's exploration of the creation of meaning in the product, Fokkinga and Desmet's paper on conflicting emotions, and Hans Ruitenberg's 'Tiny Tasks' project that sets out to enhance our happiness. Keep an eye on the design and emotion website for the publication of the proceedings:


Julia Keyte 2012